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Online course registration of 2018 Fall semester

Course Registration Instructions (繁體中文)

After preliminary registration and add/drop deadlines, students have to check their course registration status to avoid any discrepancies relating to graduation requirements. Registration status is based on official course registrations online. Students will be notified via email. No written notice will be given.。
1) Registration instructions
  1. Course registration includes preliminary registration and add/drop. If the results of computerized selection in preliminary registration do not conform with a student's course selections, the student can make changes in add/drop. Students who did not register during the preliminary stage should register during add/drop. Course registration must be completed by the stipulated deadlines, and no changes are permitted after registration closes.
  2. Course registration status of preliminary registration and add/drop can be viewed under "course registration status" at the online course registration system.
  3. Graduating seniors of undergraduate programs should carefully consider their course selection during registration for the spring semester. Students enrolled in spring courses which last beyond the convocation date will not receive their official degree until completion of the full duration required by the registered courses. Undergraduate, graduate and PhD students can not register for in-service education program courses.
  4. NKFUST regulations require registration for a minimum credit load in each semester. The requirements are as follows:Junior,senior must take 6 credits at least every semester. Freshman, sophomore must take 16 credits at least.Students who want to postpone graduation must take one course at least (Graduate students are not included).As for graduate students, regulations are set by graduate schools.
  5. Students may register for courses which they have completed in previous semesters. These courses, on completion, will be included in the academic records but do not count toward meeting graduation credit requirements.
  6. Students may, with approval from the department chairperson, register for no more than two courses’ credits above credit limitation next semester if their student conduct scores and grade point average are at least 80 points, and their class rank is in the top five percent.
2) Registration Process
  1. Preliminary registration instructions:
    1. During preliminary registration, courses are divided into four types: "required courses", "elective courses", "general courses", and "elective PE courses".。
    2. "Required courses" are automatically registered. Students can decide to make changes during add/drop.
    3. Students registering for "elective and general courses" have to fill out a priority list of preferred courses and the corresponding credit units. Credit units for elective and general courses will be accounted separately. In addition, students have to fill out a priority list of preferred PE courses.
    4. Students have to fill out a priority list of preferred courses in each category. Courses on the same list should not be repeated.
    5. Students must fill out the number of credit units they intend to register for. The number of intended credit units stands for the total credit units of elective or general courses which a student intend to register for in each semester. The credit units of "elective and general courses" are counted separately and do not include the credit units of "required courses". If the number of intended credit units indicates zero, the online course registration system will not process the registration.
    6. During preliminary registration, students may register for several courses which overlap in schedule. The online course registration system will process the registration according to students' priority list of preferred courses.
    7. Registration during the preliminary phase may not be successful for all courses. For registration status, please refer to the results of computerized selection in preliminary registration.
    8. The results of preliminary registration computerized selection will be announced on the online course registration system. Students should check their registration status and print out the outcome of computerized selection.
    9. Thesis courses are not available for registration in the online course registration system. Graduate students must turn in the registration forms for thesis writing instead. These downloadable forms should bear the signatures of advisors and the department chairperson before submitting to the Office of Academic Affairs.
  1. Add/Drop Instructions:
    After the results of preliminary registration, students may change their course registration status during add/drop. No subsequent changes can be made after add/drop. Please take this into consideration and complete the course registration before add/drop.
3) Registration Enquiry
  During registration, related enquiries may be made to the following offices: Office hours (Mon.-Fri. 9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00)
1. Course enquiry: Registration & Curriculum, Office of Academic Affairs (ext. 31111-31117) or department offices
2. Online system enquiry: System Support Section, Library and Information Center (ext. 31556)
3. After office hours: please email to

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Preliminary registration system availability: 2018.08.15 09:00 am ~ 2018.08.20 16:00 pm
Freshmen preliminary registration system availability: 2018.09.04 09:00 am ~ 2018.09.05 23:59 pm
Course registration status system availability: 2018.08.23
Add/drop registration system availability: 2018.09.18 12:30 pm ~ 2018.09.21 17:00 pm
Summer course registration system availability: 2018.06.13 09:00 am ~ 2018.07.10 16:00 pm
Freshmen summer course registration system availability 2018.07.16 09:00 am ~ 2018.07.19 12:00 pm


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